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Student Complaint Process

You must complete each step before proceeding to the next one. Different regulations govern grade disputes and discrimination/harassment complaints as outlined in the Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process section of this catalog. For grade disputes, see Student Grade Disputes. For discrimination/harassment complaints, see Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment of Students on the Basis of Disability, Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment of Students on the Basis of Race, Color, or National Origin, and Prohibition of Sexual Misconduct for more more information.

First Step: First meeting
Attempt to resolve the complaint immediately with the person directly involved, in a meeting outside of the classroom environment. Bring materials pertaining to the complaint. Each individual should take notes of the meeting for mutual clarification. There may be instances when you cannot meet with the individual; if this is the case, proceed to step 2. Note: This step can be completed by telephone conference.

Second Step: Meeting With Supervisor
If unable to resolve the complaint with the individual involved, you must request a meeting with the employee’s supervisor within 10 business days after the first meeting (excluding weekends, holidays, and scheduled breaks). The supervisor will respond to the request by scheduling a meeting within 10 business days to discuss the issue with you and, if desired, with the employee. All parties should make every effort to resolve the complaint at this level.

Third Step: Written Complaint
If you cannot resolve the complaint in the meeting, you must submit a formal, written complaint to the supervisor within 10 business days. Complaint forms are available from the campus administrative office, program chairs, instructional area deans, assistant deans, and the Student Services office at any campus. Write the complaint as briefly and succinctly as possible. Counselors from Student Services may advise you on the process of preparing your written statement. This completed form must be submitted to the
supervisor within 10 business days of the meeting in Step 2. The supervisor will sign the form to acknowledge that a joint meeting has occurred. This does not constitute agreement to your complaint.

Fourth Step: Written Complaint Forwarded to Dean or Next Level Supervisor
Ask the supervisor to forward the complaint with written statements from the parties involved to the appropriate dean or next level supervisor. This form and written statements should be forwarded to the next level in the supervisory chain within five business days of the complaint having been submitted to the supervisor. The dean or next level supervisor will acknowledge receipt of the student’s complaint within five business days.

Fifth Step: Meeting With Dean or Supervisor Next Level
The dean or next level supervisor will schedule a time to meet with you. At this time you can discuss the complaint with the dean or next level supervisor. Bring all supporting Student Complaint Process
documentation to the meeting. The dean or next level supervisor will deliver a decision in writing within 10 business days of the meeting.

Sixth Step: Appeal to Vice President
If the complaint has not been resolved, you may appeal the dean’s or next level supervisor’s decision within 10 business days to the vice president overseeing the program involved in the complaint. Your written appeal, including all supporting documentation, will then be forwarded to the program’s vice president, who may request an appointment with you to discuss the appeal or may choose to make a decision based upon a review of the written documentation.

Final Step: Determination
The vice president will make a decision concerning the complaint and notify you of the decision in writing within 10 days of receiving the appeal. The decision of the vice president is final.

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